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Discover the Luxury and Tranquility of Myhaven Kilmacsimon

Myhaven Kilmacsimon

Welcome to Myhaven Kilmacsimon, our newest branch located in the serene and picturesque landscapes of Kilmacsimon, Cork, Ireland.

Designed with luxury and exclusivity in mind, this retreat offers an upmarket experience perfect for groups, company retreats, and team-building activities. If you’re looking for a unique and relaxing getaway that provides a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Myhaven Kilmacsimon is your ideal destination.


A half-day exclusive retreat.

 An excursion for the senses in Cork's most stunning setting is truly unique.

Our day will begin with an integrated movement & sound session in our gorgeous bell tent led by Fi. The extensive garden space will be used for our mindful movement practice.


Flowing from this into the decadence of the Woodfired Sauna & hot tub to invigorating stainless steel lined cold baths.


A next-level transformative escape that promises to leave you in an alternative state of being.  


To ensure an inmate and personalised experience spaces are limited to just 12 participants.

Exclusive Group Experiences

Unlike our other branches, Myhaven Kilmacsimon is designed with exclusivity in mind. Our retreat is ideal for group bookings, company retreats, and team-building events, offering a private and luxurious experience tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to strengthen team bonds or simply enjoy a relaxing getaway with friends, our tailored packages ensure a unique and memorable experience.

Myhaven Kilmacsimon

Why Choose Myhaven Kilmacsimon?

At Myhaven Kilmacsimon, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional retreat experience that combines luxury, relaxation, and holistic well-being. Here’s why you should consider booking your next group event with us:

A Secluded and Tranquil Location

Myhaven Kilmacsimon is situated in a secluded area overlooking a beautiful Bandon river and surrounded by lush greenery. The tranquil environment, with its wide-open spaces and abundant trees, provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. Whether you're meditating by the river or soaking in the hot tub, the natural beauty of Kilmacsimon enhances the overall experience, making it a true escape from the stresses of daily life.

Myhaven Kilmacsimon

What We Offer - Our Core Services

At Myhaven Kilmacsimon, our core services are designed to provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience through a blend of traditional and innovative therapies.

Sauna and Cold Water Barrels

At the heart of Myhaven Kilmacsimon are our premium sauna and cold water barrels. Experience the invigorating contrast of heat and cold with our specially designed stainless steel lined cold barrels, individually set to different temperatures to mimic the refreshing chill of the Irish seas.


Complement this with our luxurious hot tub, offering the perfect balance of warmth and relaxation.

Myhaven Kilmacsimon

Hot Tub Experience

Our luxurious hot tub offers a soothing retreat that perfectly complements the invigorating effects of our sauna and cold water barrels. The hot tub is designed to mimic the therapeutic heat of our sauna, providing a warm and relaxing escape where you can soak away stress and tension.

Myhaven Kilmacsimon

Wellness Tent – A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

Our wellness tent is a sanctuary for both mind and body, offering a variety of services aimed at promoting overall well-being.

Chair Massages

Unwind with our expert chair massages, where our skilled therapists target specific muscle groups to release tension and promote relaxation. These sessions are designed to provide a quick yet effective way to alleviate stress and rejuvenate your body.

Sound Therapy

Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound with our sound therapy sessions. Using harmonic resonance, these sessions help align your body, mind, and spirit, promoting deep relaxation and mental clarity. Experience the benefits of vibrational healing in a serene and peaceful environment.

Myhaven Kilmacsimon

Book Your Exclusive Retreat Today

Escape to the tranquility and luxury of Myhaven Kilmacsimon. Whether you're planning a corporate retreat, a team-building event, or a group getaway, our exclusive retreat space offers the perfect setting. Book your session today and discover the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

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