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Whether you're relaxing in the warm glowing interior of the wood stove sauna, immersing yourself into the cool refreshing waters of Oysterhaven, or gazing out at the vast dramatic backdrop of the Old Head and beyond, Myhaven Sauna is an experience that will live on in your memory, long after you’ve returned to the hustle & bustle of your busy life.
Not only are the physical benefits of dry heat from the sauna potentiated by the invigorating minerals of the sea, but Myhaven is also an escape from it all, a refuge, a social space where stories and laughs are shared.
Welcome to your new haven, Myhaven Sauna, by the sheltered creek of Oysterhaven with direct and simple access to the sea!


We recommend arriving 10mins before Sauna time. Bring a towel to sit on. Water and enjoy the experience. Please note that by booking a myhaven sauna session you agree to our T&C's which can be seen here. wildwellness collective Garrettestown, Oysterhaven & Dingle 
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